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Adding Nonfiction to Your Life

Posted on April 27 2017

Looking to expand the nonfiction shelf in your home, but don’t know how to do it?  Whether you’re already a fan of nonfiction or you’re new to the whole concept, you can take steps to add this genre to your daily life.

For instance, the entire topic of mid century modern may be foreign to you. Maybe you’ve found yourself liking the visual sensibilities of a bygone era but were not quite sure where to dive in. It may be an area that you were once immersed in, but over time had forgotten about. Yet every instance you see something that captures the 50s-60s flavor, you feel drawn to it. Perhaps you’ve wondered what it was that felt so captivating.

But there remains that age-old dilemma – where to begin. Let us provide a basic guide to get you started. 

What grabs your interest?   Are you fascinated by design and decorating? Perhaps you’ve been looking for something different in your home. A touch of mid century style adds interest and makes a great conversation starter. What fun learning which colors and shapes work together or set each other off. You can explore all the options and see what calls you most. Start with MICHIGAN MODERN: DESIGN THAT SHAPED AMERICA to learn about the origins of this trend.

When you really look at it, there are so many paths you can choose. The good news is that there is no wrong direction when learning something new. Simply pick a book and off you go! 

Follow your curiosity. . .   Not all explorations in reading have to be so purpose-driven. It’s enough just to have that spark of curiosity, to search for new ideas. More often than not, once you begin to learn about a topic, you get hooked.

Another enticing aspect to our titles is that they can enrich your current ventures in unexpected ways. For example, say you are planning a vacation abroad and need a book about travel. Reading up on Japanese gardens or Asian decorating styles will expand your enjoyment of a trip to the Far East. Or seeing the stunning black-and-white photography of world-travelling artist, Harold Davis, may help you seek hidden destinations.

These discoveries will make your journeys far more exciting than any ordinary travel guide could. So look to the travelers who blazed trails and struck out against the conventions of their time, finding new ways to experience world cultures.

Read behind the headlines:   Nonfiction can inform your life with stories that are important – and inspiring! Learn about what’s happening in all sorts of communities, in an in-depth way that the media just can’t delve into. And find out about the successes that are occurring, perhaps in your own neighborhood. You will discover there is far more going on than what appears on the surface. To hear how neighbors are coming together to make a positive difference, try a new title like WHERE WE WANT TO LIVE.

Share the adventure!   Of course, let’s not forget how a unique book can make a lasting impression. Imagine the surprised delight your friends and family will have at receiving a truly gorgeous book as a gift. Not just any book but one of the highest quality – rich photographs, luxurious paper, delectable bindings that invite you to pick them up again and again.

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