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Dream about New Cuisines and Culinary Destinations

Posted on July 21 2017

Cookbooks 2

Pick up our theme-based cookbooks -- for armchair-travelling with cuisines from far away, or take a tour to the destination restaurants these recipes are based on!

Learn about creative cuisines by chefs from Austin, Texas to New York City, then try their recipes in your own kitchen. Or drop everything for a visit to these locales, and let a professional do the chopping and cooking for you, experiencing the eateries at ELIZABETH STREET or BLOSSOM.

Entertain friends at home with a pocket edition of cinema-based COCKTAILS. Soon you'll be mixing drinks like the best of movie stars! Or go out for a refreshing drink with our list of the world's best BARS, where you can watch someone else do the slinging.

Feeling too lazy to cook, or eat? In the mood to day-dream? Just lie back, and revel in tales of of the personalities who became part of food history. With Julia Child to start! Take a virtual trip around France through the eyes of celebrity cooking couple, Julia and Paul Child, in FRANCE IS A FEAST.

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