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Etsy, for All Things Extraordinary

Posted on February 28 2018

Every day brings a new discovery! with the Mid Century Books collection now on ETSY, and its community of creative commerce.

You’ll spot extraordinary editions and objects, themed with a vintage feel, yet featuring modern quality. The many unique books are by authors or artists that you’re sure to admire. Gifted writing, thorough editing, and brilliant illustrations are all hallmarks of these publications.

Or you might uncover a classic lunchbox, crafty coloring book, clever clutch, and charming postcards - to bring a whimsical smile to all who see them. You may just find a special, stitch-bound journal that perfectly matches a top-trending new title.

Find a kitschy - and bitchy - cookbook. The infamous I HATE TO COOK BOOK makes a come-back in an updated, revised edition. And an instant classic, LEAVE ME ALONE WITH THE RECIPES, rescues and revives nostalgic recipes, by publishing them for the very first time.

Riff through products of near-collectible quality, in reprints of comic-book characters like WONDERWOMAN. Then, get curious about collecting the real thing, with handbooks to first-editions and authentic antiques: ILLUSTRATED DUST JACKET, ANTIQUE TRADER, VINTAGE FASHION.

Guides to creating modern stylings of your own are especially coveted. Anyone handy can follow the popular wood-working patterns in MID-CENTURY MODERN FURNITURE.

Or carry on, with a new retro tote, displaying the pop-art faces of the BEATLES  drenched in a rainbow of Warhol-style colors.

In other words, this collection is a singular sensation among the already rare world of specialty crafts and collectible finds, presented on the Etsy platform. And you'd be hard-pressed to find something so eye-catching at your local bookshop.

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