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February, A Month to Wine and Dine

Posted on February 06 2018


It’s that time of year –  for finding a secret admirer, falling in love for the first time, or relighting an old flame  . . . and maybe even something a little naughty!

Get the party started by uncorking a few entries from WINE FOLLY: THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE.  Set the table with fun and festive LADYFINGERS COASTER SET, perfect for holding champagne flutes. Tempt a lover with an array of goodies made by yourself, from LES PETITS MACARONS.  Or just order in some nibbles with DESSERTS OF NEW YORK

Let this silly holiday spur you to random acts of romance! Prime a wardrobe for l’amour with THE CURATED CLOSET and WARMAN’S COSTUME JEWELRY. Find your look in the fashion-forward photos of LONDON SARTORIAL: MEN'S STYLE FROM STREET TO BESPOKE

Or you can really spice things up with the PIN-UPS postcard set. And get cozy as you crayon together in our art deco coloring book, THE AGE OF GLAMOUR.

Mark this as a red-letter day in your perpetual calendar from FRIENDS OF THE FOREST, perfect for remembering an anniversary! Any day can be Valentine's Day when surrounded by items like these, that spark romance all year round.

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