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Podcast: A New Era for Black & White

Posted on October 07 2017


Photo credit: Pilgrimage Trail, Camino de Santiago, copyright Harold Davis


Internationally-known digital artist and award-winning photographer Harold Davis joins our podcast to discuss his 2017 book, THE PHOTOGRAPHER'S BLACK AND WHITE HANDBOOK

Part 2, A New Era for Black and White

Harold Davis: "We came to the end of an era, pretty much, with film photography, and in fact, there was a while when the only photography anyone could do was black and white. Then, color film photography became the ascendant thing. And now we have an entirely new art form with a lot of new craft involved, and the idea behind the technical parts of this book, and it’s not that I’m going to tell everybody exactly what slider to press, with what software, but more the principles and ideas of how digital black and white photography work.”

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