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Travel Europe in 36 Hours

Posted on June 10 2017

Are you familiar with the New York Times travel feature called "36 Hours," where reporters provide travel tips based on first-hand accounts of spending 36 hours in a destination?  What's incredible is how many things can fit into this many hours of adventure. And because it's based upon boots-on-the-ground experience, all the information is fresh and new, as witnessed in the reporting process. This is much better than the travel writing of the past, which became outdated quickly, in the absence of information being verified.

Far from the generic guidebook, this guide offers the best, most up-to-date, and intelligent recommendations. Plus, its high-production quality presents glossy illustrations that show storied locations, to look both modern and ancient at the same time, capturing an eternal relevance. To sum up, this volume avoids all cliches!

A book that will never fail when you bring it on a trip, and that you'll revisit upon your return, to refresh your memories and reminisce. This keepsake hardcover edition comes with attached ribbon bookmarks.

Luckily, the best of these New York Times reports have been compiled in book form, 36 HOURS 125 WEEKENDS IN EUROPE. And due to the immense popularity of this publication, it's now out in an updated second edition!

The New York Times 36 Hours 125 Weekends in Europe, Taschen, 2016

36 Hours - New York Times - Europe

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