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Your Decor Can Add Glamour - and Escapism - to Your Life

Posted on July 13 2017

Hotel Chic at Home - Sara Bliss

What if you could transform your home into a dreamy escape, making everyday life feel more like a vacation? This book can show you how -- it is a celebration of travel, of design, and of the immense possibilities of creating something influenced by both, but all your own. Author Sara Bliss provides lush examples of boutique hotels that will inspire beautiful homes. She researched this book through personal travel, and conducted interviews with top international designers. 

In this interview, Bliss shares what obsessions led to her vision for this book:

“I can honestly say I have been hotel-obsessed forever. Growing up, my family traveled a lot throughout Southeast Asia because of my Dad's business. Even at a young age, I loved the magic that happens when you arrive at a great hotel, that feeling that you are entering a one-of-a-kind world. 

Right when the whole boutique hotel scene was starting to take root in the 1990s, I worked at House Beautiful for the travel editor. Hoteliers choose to create a unique experience through design, music, cocktails, and food. They understood that design was a way to stand out -- cookie cutter rooms were out, one-of-a-kind was in.  I started looking at hotels differently, really examining all of the elements that make a hotel original.

A decade later, I saw that hotel design had become so bold and unique that many people were using them as a source of inspiration -- from fashion designers to people looking for new ideas for their homes. I started by blog Hotel Chic to feature the coolest hotels around the globe and show readers how to recreate the look at home.

HOTEL CHIC AT HOME is my new book featuring 130 of the most innovative and glamorous boutique hotels. It is an original concept using hotel design to inspire home design. The book is divided by room type so if you are looking for ideas for a bedroom, kitchen, outdoor space, or children's room, you will find dozens.

It is also a wonderful source of ideas for those who are planning their next trip.” 

Sara Bliss is the author of Hotel Chic at Home, Monacelli, 2016

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