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Hard to Judge a Book by its Cover

Posted on August 31 2017

What is the "See Inside" collection?

A select group of books for which additional content is available. Take a quick peek inside these books, and view a range of pages from within. Check out the rich illustrations, lavish lay-outs, and elegant editing. Scroll through the data-packed table of contents. Learn more about a book before you buy it!

Look at the world as viewed from AERIAL DRONES, take a MASTER CLASS in interior design, find out what men are wearing in the streets of LONDON..... just a little of the insider information to be gleaned from this collection.

Or watch a brief video - or "book trailer" - to preview the content. See pages flipped before your eyes, filmed with movie-quality production. For instance, find out what recipes are offered in GREEN KITCHEN SMOOTHIES, then watch the blender whir away in a demonstration making them!

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