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Posted on February 21 2018


They're new, they're now, they have that exciting "new book" smell. They are in our forecast of titles on the rise, gathered to provide a globe-spanning view into the latest for photography, travel, art, film! 

Find your inspiration as either a photographer, or observer, with BYSTANDER: A HISTORY OF STREET PHOTOGRAPHY which documents timeless art created from life on the streets. This volume takes a variety of perspectives, ranging among historic, journalistic, and contemporary styles, and tracing photographic techniques from traditional to digital.

THE ART OF ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY takes you on a journey through light and shadows playing on famed facades, with renowned  photographer Randy Van Duinen. If you like your images moving, take an artistic turn with FILM NOIR, learning more about a cinematic style that focused on the twilight zone of morality. Or uncover the block-buster work of contemporary New Zealand film-maker PETER JACKSON.

Days like this make us yearn for adventure. Get yourself rolling with ROAD TRIPS: CHOOSING YOUR OWN PATH. Head west, and you'll find all the coolest spots to be experienced in MONOCLE SAN FRANCISCO, the newest release in this travel guide series. Then, stay awake with NEW YORK: PORTRAIT OF A CITY, a tribute to the city that never sleeps, and feel your eyes widen at photographs of its rich urban heritage.

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