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Tour Residence Decorated with Faraway Flair

Posted on July 29 2017


Going away for the summer - or taking a "staycation"? Turn your home into a faraway retreat, with a little redecorating!

Dinner might be outdoors, for a vista that reminds you of a journey with a view. A stately room might transport you to another, more genteel era. A serene moment might be found anywhere, from a swinging hammock, to a luxurious bathroom oasis, or an intimate corner with a velvet wing chair.

Author Sara Bliss, a travel and design blogger, has tips for every style and budget, and you can see inside her own residence, for how to redecorate. Watch this video for a tour of her home in a New York City skyscraper, and see how she translates an elite hotel décor to a design for an high-end home. Then learn more with her book HOTEL CHIC AT HOME

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