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What are Curated Collections?

Posted on December 17 2017


Do you read to be inspired, and informed? But you don't have time to stay on trend like you used to? If so, you'll love our curated collections of the best non-fiction!

We carry only new releases, never backlisted, on topics that inform & inspire! Titles that are timely and trendy, in high-quality bindings, from premiere publishers, hand-picked by a published author. Presented in easily browsed categories, with personalized sales recommendations upon request.

Our clients are passionate about their pursuits, seeking out the latest, greatest editions to further their knowledge. They look to books for new ideas and new challenges in their lives. And they find what they need in our easily browsed categories.

Is there a world traveler, history buff, or collector in your life? An architect professional, or art student? Are you a lover of gardening? Photography, interior design, crafts? Do you like to settle in with a good biography? Then, let our resident curator help you make the right selection in any of these subjects.

In addition to boutique-style books, we sell an array of hard-to-find gifts: accessories, decor, games, multimedia, reading tools, stationary.

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