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Tiny House Living : Ideas for Building and Living Well in Less Than 400 Square Feet

$16.00 $26.99 Paperback

Written By:

Ryan Mitchell

Published By:

Betterway Books, 07/14/2014

Product Details:

175 pages : 10.00 H x 0.50 D x 8.00 W inches 1.35 lbs.

Tiny house, large lifestyle! Tiny homes are popping up across America; the movement continues to grow among those who thirst for a simpler life in the face of society's "more is better" mindset. This book explores the philosophies behind this lifestyle, helps you determine whether it's a good fit for you. Worksheets and exercises to focus on your true needs, define personal goals, and customize a home design. Practical strategies for cutting through clutter and paring down your possessions. Guidance through the world of building codes and zoning laws. Design tricks for making the most of every square foot, including multi-function features and ways to maximize vertical space. Tours of 11 tiny houses and the unique story behind each. Whether you downsize to a 400-square-foot home or simply scale back the amount of stuff you have in your current home, this book shows you how to live well with less.  
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