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Automobile Design Graphics: A Visual History from the Golden Age to the Gas Crisis 1900-1973

$59.99 Hardcover SEE Inside!

Written By:

Jim Donnelly and Steven Heller.

About the Author:

Automobile and cultural historian Jim Donnelly and America’s preeminent design historian Steven Heller.

Published By:

Taschen America Llc, 11/15/2016

Product Details:

365 p. : 12.50 H x 1.50 D x 10.00 W inches 5.40 lbs.

Marketing brochures for advertising automobiles were only available at dealer showrooms or auto fairs—hence specimens of antique and vintage car brochures are rare collector’s items today. This book presents for the first time a comprehensive overview of this mostly forgotten breed of collateral advertising. From the most obscure (Tucker, Ajax, Columbia) to the most iconic (General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler), this unprecedented visual history brings together over 500 reproductions from these rare and collectible customer brochures. Across eight decades, they present not only some of the finest cars, but also some of the best illustration and graphic design of the 20th century. Testament to a bygone era when cars were the stuff dreams were made of, this books is a pleasure for car enthusiasts, designers, and pop culture aficionados alike.
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