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From Our House To Bauhaus

$16.00 Paperback

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Picador USA, 11/24/2009

Postwar modern architecture in America is the villain; this satirical book argues that ideology has gotten in the way of common sense. Beginning half a century ago with the origins of the International Style in Europe, he attempts to trace the development of that trend, which for many, is a synonym for modern architecture. In this version of life at the Bauhaus, the celebrated German academy of modern design that numbered Walter Gropius, Mies van der Rohe among its major presences, the International Style became a ''compound'' - a select, private, cultlike group of ideologues whose great mission, was to foist modern design upon an unwilling world. This account of a self-righteous mission is carried to the present - though it may not be trying to force us all to live in stark boxes, it is all the same devoted to the making of an inaccessible and culturally irrelevant architecture.
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