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$49.99 Hardcover

Written By:

Jeannine Fiedler; Peter Feierabend; Ute Ackermann;

Published By:

H F Ullman, 06/15/2013

Product Details:

639 p: 11.75 x 10 inches

The Bauhaus as a school where handicrafts, art, and technology were taught together, has outlived later trends in architecture and design. It still radiates its Modern influence in Europe and America 90 years after its founding. This classic book illustrates not only the origins and impact of the movement but also the Bauhaus as an institution: theory, pedagogical methods, life and routine. Takes readers inside individual workshops, where they can discover the unique array of forms and ideas that remain the hallmark of Bauhaus ideology. This revised edition offers a comprehensive look at the most significant institution in the history of modern culture, with a wealth of pictorial material.
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