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1950s Fashion Print

$29.95 Hardcover SEE Inside!

Written By:

Marnie Fogg,

Published By:

B T Batsford, 02/01/2011

Product Details:

186 p. : 9.00 H x 0.75 D x 8.75 W inches 1.90 lbs.

A sourcebook of 1950s fashion print, this book about fabrics and textiles covers the heyday of postwar trends where an analytical approach to design, combined with a lightness and freshness. Celebrating the very best of post-World War II design, this richly illustrated sourcebook features a fresh look at print design at the dawn of the Atomic Age. Hundreds of prints from top designers of the 1950s are showcased, each an outstanding example of the times, revealing the use of whimsy and idiosyncrasy to express the cultural upheavals occurring worldwide. The concise chapters are each accompanied by a range of captioned illustrations that explain the provenance and purpose of each print. Author Marnie Fogg is a media consultant on all aspects of the fashion industry. She has lectured in Visual Studies and the Culture of Fashion at the University of Nottingham. She is the previous author of Boutique: A 60s Cultural Phenomenon, and...
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