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Beautiful Earth: Our Planet Explored from Above

$19.99 Hardcover

Written By:

Dirk H. Lorenzen,

About the Author:

Dirk H. Lorenzen is an astrophysicist and a scientific journalist specializing in astronomy and astronautics. He works predominantly for German radio stations. He has authored several publications and worked as an advisor for projects of the European Commission.

Published By:

H F Ullman, 04/01/2015

Product Details:

223 p. : 11.25 H x 1.00 D x 9.75 W inches 3.45 lbs.

Beautiful, constantly changing yet endangered: this is what our planet looks from the skies. Beautiful Earth offers a completely new viewpoint on our well-known globe. From fascinating cloud formations caught by weather satellites to erupting volcanoes, sand storms or urban developments with all environmental issues they cause, no activity on our planet can be hidden from the "heavenly eyes." This book pays a tribute both to the splendour of Earth with its ever-changing facets and to human genius that made the observation of each and every corner on the planet possible. Beautiful Earth does not only contain captivating and intriguing pictures, it also provides a wealth of information on how to predict the weather, to use data in aviation, geophysics, nutritional predictions and many other sciences.
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