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Winter brings days that test our mettle - bitter cold temperatures, raw winds that put ice in your bones, wild storms that show up out of nowhere. But there are joys, too - such as snuggling with a good read that grabs your interest. The solitude of winter can be spell-binding, and useful as a time to turn inward. And a wonderful book can hold you in its own world. 

Get away from chilly weather, by planning a trip, or imagining an escape.  Travel to a land of rich winter tradition with "Scandinavian Gatherings." Tempted by Italian cuisine – and its sunny, bright taste? Learn the culinary legacy of "Eating Rome.”

Let classic movies and musical theater take you on a mental vacation. Give yourself a smile as you send friends a whimsical "Cats in Movies" notecard. Or brush up on “Broadway Musicals” and hum along to "Motown."

Explore your creativity with the "Paris Sketchbook," filled with the art of a famed fashion illustrator, who presents street life in a pictorial way, with stylish sketches of the passers-by he observes.

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