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Curiosities of Paris: An Idiosyncratic Guide to Overlooked Delights, Hidden in Plain Sight

$22.95 Paperback SEE Inside!

Written By:

Dominique Lesbros

Published By:

Little Bookroom, 05/23/2017

Product Details:

236 pages : 8.25 H x 0.50 D x 7.75 W inches 1.20 lbs.

This book is half travel guide, half trivia game! Thousands of details on Parisian streets testify to the enduring past: the cannon at Invalides, street signs with the word “saint” and all fleur-de-lys removed. This guide includes three themed walks (along the city’s ancient walls, in the steps of Quasimodo, and through the French Revolution), as well as an index of street names. Organized by subject—including fountains and wells; centuries-old shop signs; vestiges of wars and ancient Egypt; hotels of legend; remarkable trees; sundials and meridians; equestrian Paris; romantic ruins; unusual tombs, stairways, and passageways; religious relics; mosaics; public barometers and thermometers; and hundreds more urban elements and anachronisms. Even Parisian street lighting is unique. You’ll never look at a street lamp the same way again! Each of the book’s 800 photos of unique locations and architectural oddities discloses a previously unnoticed city. You will find something new and fascinating in this timeless guidebook, filled with sites, passageways, hotels, shops, and more.
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