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Dancers Among Us: A Celebration of Joy in the Everyday

$17.95 Paperback

Published By:

Workman Pub Co, 10/23/2012

This book showcases color photographs of dancers showing off their movesĀ - they perch on roadsigns, leap on sidewalks, shoot pool from impossible angles, and are often caught by the photographer Jordan Matter at heights that seem immune to gravity. All know how to put to good use the professional dancer's ability to seem effortless in the most effortful positions. The effect is sometimes inspiring and sometimes funny. In short explanations of most shoots at the end of the book, the author proves none of the photos are doctored. The pictures are divided by theme: dreaming, loving, playing, exploring, and so on, captioned for commercial appeal, and separated by short essays in the inspirational-writing category by the author about being the parent of a young son. There is kitsch here, but also amazing images, as well as unexpected mischief: Michelle Fleet multitasks upside down in a cubicle, Charles-Louis Yoshiyama flies busily...
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