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Darwin's Backyard: How Small Experiments Led to a Big Theory

$27.95 Hardcover

Published By:

W W Norton & Co Inc, 09/05/2017

A portrait of Darwin as an inveterate experimenter describes how he used his home, garden, and the surrounding woodlands as a field station where he conducted hands-on experiments to test his ideas for the theory of evolution. takes readers on a journey from Darwin’s childhood through his voyage on the HMS Beagle where his ideas on evolution began. We then follow Darwin to Down House, his bustling home of forty years, where he kept porcupine quills at his desk to dissect barnacles, maintained a flock of sixteen pigeon breeds in the dovecote, and cultivated climbing plants in the study, and to Bournemouth, where on one memorable family vacation he fed carnivorous plants in the soup dishes.Using his garden and greenhouse, the surrounding meadows and woodlands, and even taking over the cellar, study, and hallways of his home-turned-field-station, Darwin tested ideas of his landmark theory of evolution with an astonishing array of...
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