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If Mayors Ruled the World : Dysfunctional Nations, Rising Cities

$22.00 Paperback

Written By:

Benjamin R Barber

Published By:

Yale Univ Pr, 09/30/2014

Product Details:

xxix, 416 pages ; 9.50 H x 1.50 D x 6.25 W inches 1.30 lbs.

In the face of the most perilous challenges of our time - climate change, terrorism, poverty, and trafficking of drugs, guns and people - the nations of the world seem paralyzed. Can cities solve the biggest problems of the twenty-first century better than nations? Is the city democracy’s best hope? The answer, says Benjamin Barber in this highly provocative and original book, is yes. Cities and the mayors who run them can do and are doing a better job. Barber cites the unique qualities cities worldwide share: pragmatism, civic trust, participation, indifference to borders and sovereignty, and a democratic penchant for networking, creativity, innovation, and cooperation. He demonstrates how city mayors, singly and jointly, are responding to transnational problems more effectively than nation-states mired in ideological infighting and sovereign rivalries. Featuring profiles of a dozen mayors around the world—courageous, eccentric, or both at once.
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