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Invented Edens : Techno-Cities of the Twentieth Century

$26.95 Hardcover

Written By:

Robert H. Kargon

Published By:

Mit Pr, 09/30/2008

Product Details:

viii, 190 p. : 9.00 H x 0.50 D x 6.00 W inches 1.00 lbs.

Industrialization created cities of Dickensian squalor that were crowded, smoky, dirty, and disease-ridden. By the beginning of the twentieth century, urban visionaries were looking for ways to improve both living and working conditions in industrial cities. This book traces the arc of one form of urban design, termed the techno-city: a planned city developed in conjunction with large industrial or technological enterprises, blending the technological and the pastoral, the mill town and the garden city. Techno-cities of the twentieth century range from factory towns in Mussolini's Italy to the Disney creation of Celebration, Florida; as well as Norris, Tennessee, home to the Tennessee Valley Authority; Torviscosa, Italy, built by Italy's Fascist government to accommodate synthetic textile manufacturing (and featured in an early short by Michelangelo Antonioni); Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela, planned by a team from American universities.
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