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Learning from Shenzhen : China's Post-Mao Experiment

$35.00 Paperback

Written By:

Mary Ann O'Donnell; Winnie Won Yin Wong; Jonathan P G Bach;

Published By:

Univ of Chicago Pr, 01/17/2017

Product Details:

pages ; 9.00 H x 6.00 W inches

This multidisciplinary volume presents a definitive account of China’s socialist transition from the perspective of one of its most-important and yet overlooked cities: Shenzhen, situated immediately north of the Hong Kong special district. Shenzhen was created to be the emblem, frontier, and model city of China’s post-Mao transition during the beginning of economic liberalization. Created as the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the city was built as an experimental site for policy reform and global contact. Known for its spectacular growth, in 30 years Shenzhen has exploded into a city of fifteen million residents, making it one of the world’s largest centers of manufacturing, research, development, shipping and trade. It is also one of the most intensive sites of urban density, rural-urban migration, and trans-border traffic. Proviides one of the first comprehensive accounts of the city’s history while also offering  a view of its symbolic place in the post-Mao transition.
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