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Mies van der Rohe : A Critical Biography, New and Revised [Chicago]

$35.00 Paperback

Written By:

Franz Schulze; Edward Windhorst;

Published By:

Univ of Chicago Pr, 04/15/2014

Product Details:

493 p. : 10.00 H x 1.50 D x 7.25 W inches 2.26 lbs.

Architect Mies van der Rohe, the German-American modernist who emigrated from the Bauhaus to Chicago, created some of the most significant buildings of the twentieth century. This revealing volume is a thorough revision, brimming with new material, of Franz Schulze's classic biography, coauthored with architect Edward Windhorst. This definitive update is three times the length of the original text, featuring extensive research and commentary, and drawing on the recent work of international scholars. Giving voice to dozens of architects who worked with (and sometimes against) Mies, this is the compelling story of how Mies and his followers changed history. Major discoveries include the massive transcript of the 1950s Farnsworth House court case, which discloses facts about the architect's epic battle with his client Edith Farnsworth. Considered the most comprehensive coverage of  Mies, and how he introduced the International Style to America, establishing Chicago and its Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) as a hub of midcentury modern design.
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