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Modern Art in America 1908-68

$59.95 Paperback SEE Inside!

Written By:

William C. Agee

Published By:

Phaidon Inc Ltd, 09/11/2017

Product Details:

352 p.

A radical re-evaluation of American modernism through four generations of artists and their work – now in paperback. Twentieth-century art in America has long been understood in two very separate distinct halves: pre-World War II, often considered as inferior and provincial; and the triumphant, international post-war work that made a complete break with everything that went before. Agee discovers exciting new connections between artists and artworks, which strongly suggest that 1945 was not such a dividing line in art history after all. His fresh research offers an innovative approach and a brilliant take on art history. That rarity of rarities, an opinionated but not eccentric scholarly history by a veteran museum curator whose every page crackles with original thinking and bears the stamp of a preternaturally sharp eye. Excellent reproductions and crisp typography complement the lucid prose.
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