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Modern Man : The Life of Le Corbusier, Architect of Tomorrow

$25.00 Hardcover

Written By:

Anthony Flint

Published By:

New Harvest, 11/04/2014

Product Details:

xxvii, 256 pages : 9.25 H x 1.25 D x 6.50 W inches 1.10 lbs.

A riveting biography of Le Corbusier—a man who invented new ways of building and thinking. It is a penetrating psychological portrait of a true genius and constant self-inventor, as well as a sweeping tale filled with exotic locales, sex and celebrity (he was a lover of Josephine Baker), and high-stakes projects. In Flint’s telling, Corbusier isn’t just the grandfather of modern architecture but a man who sought to remake the world according to his vision, dispelling the Victorian style and replacing it with something never seen before. This book is for readers fascinated by the complex personal lives and outsized visions of both groundbreaking artists and dazzling, charismatic innovators. His legacy remains controversial today, as the world grapples with how to house its skyrocketing urban population and the cult of the “starchitect” continues to grow.      
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