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Neon Metropolis : How Las Vegas Started the Twenty-First Century

$37.95 Paperback

Written By:

Hal Rothman

Published By:

Routledge, 05/02/2003

Product Details:

352 p. : 8.50 H x 1.00 D x 5.75 W inches 1.10 lbs.

A thorough study of Las Vegas, a city with about as quirky a history as any in the U.S. Though Las Vegas was once just a whistle- stop on the L.A. railroad, loose regulations on adult pleasures and a lock on water access brought in Mob "shoebox money" to finance this paradise of vice in the desert. It was never a secret that Vegas was a syndicate-run town, and throughout the 1950s and 1960s, as city and state authorities looked the other way, the money poured in, but it always remained tainted. Then Howard Hughes bought half the town, and legislation opened up to allow free corporate access. The mobsters were practically run out of town, opening the way for the theme-park-like atmosphere that pervades today. Rothman gets inside the psyche of the Vegas mystique, where luxury is affordable to all, everyone is a star, and entertainment is king like...
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