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The Making of Grand Paris: Metropolitan Urbanism in the Twenty-first Century

$40.00 Hardcover

Written By:

Theresa Enright

Published By:

Mit Pr, 07/29/2016

Product Details:

viii, 313 pages ; 9.50 H x 1.00 D x 6.00 W inches 1.20 lbs.

"Grand Paris" is more than a redevelopment plan; it is a new paradigm for urbanism; In 2007 the French government announced the this initiative, for metropolitan planning in Paris that would result in the building of today's networked city. This ambitious project - based on infrastructural megaprojects - reimagined the Paris region as integrated, balanced, global, sustainable, and prosperous. A new transportation system, the Grand Paris Express, would connect the affluent city proper with the low-income suburbs; streamlined institutions would replace fragmented governance structures. The author offers a critical analysis of the early stages of the project, as to whether it can achieve its twin goals of economic competitiveness and equality. For example, large expenditures for the Grand Paris Express are made not for the public good but to increase the attractiveness of the region to private investors, setting off a real estate boom, encouraging gentrification, and leaving many residents still unable to get from...
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