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The Well-Tempered City : What Modern Science, Ancient Civilizations and Human Nature Teach Us

$29.99 Hardcover

Written By:

Jonathan F P Rose

Published By:

Harperwave, 09/13/2016

Product Details:

pages cm 9.25 H x 1.75 D x 6.00 W inches 1.40 lbs.

Jonathan F. P. Rose—a visionary in responsible urban development and renewal—champions the role of cities in addressing the environmental, economic and social challenges of the twenty-first century. The author is a man "who repairs the fabric of cities"— he has successfully helped to plan or re-develop urban communities around the globe, including New York, Newark, Santa Fe, Denver, and Sao Paolo. Cities are the physical representation of our social behaviors—our economic divides, racial tensions, environmental priorities, and even physical health. Yet, today, with so much crumbling infrastructure, climate change, resource depletion, and sprawl, the way we live is out of sync with nature and with ourselves. A celebration of the city and an impassioned argument for its role in addressing the important issues in these volatile times, a hopeful blueprint. What Modern Science, Ancient Civilizations and Human Nature Teach Us About the Future of Urban Life
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